Co-Founder and CEO
PreDxion Bio, Inc.

Walker is a Co-founder and CEO of PreDxion Bio. PreDxion Bio has been granted Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA, is backed by Y Combinator, and has received grant funding from the National Institutes of Health. PreDxion Bio is focused on fundamentally changing critical care medicine by leveraging unique real-time insights into inflammatory biology provided by their bedside biomarker detection platform to develop best-in-class predictive algorithms and therapeutic decision making support. Walker is a graduate of the University of Michigan, completing undergraduate studies in immunology and further graduate training in the Medical Product Development Program at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Walker has over ten years of basic science, clinical, and translational research experience, including eight publications, multiple national/international conference presentations, and multiple patent applications. Walker’s academic, research, and entrepreneurial activities are driven by his passion to better understand how inflammatory dysfunction drive critical illness for patients in the intensive care unit and emergency department, and disrupt how we care for these patients through precision medicine. Walker is a past Fellow in the Zell Global Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Michigan Business School and was named the 2017 University of Michigan Graduate Student Entrepreneur of the Year.